Coin Delisting Policy

Effective date: March 2nd, 2019


All listings on MNO require a one-off fee to keep the wallet listed on the site for the lifetime of the coin with all regular updates included. The only exception are unscheduled collateral changes, hard forks or rebrands which require a $750 maintenance fee.

While all listings on MNO are for the lifetime of the coin, we do reserve the right to delist coins that are not able to fix problems that led to being placed in maintenance status. The reason that a coin is on maintenance determines the window of time before it will be delisted and this is further detailed in section below.

Delisting groups

Priority Group - Express Removal

If both block explorer and github are removed it warrants an immediate removal. We will proceed to remove the coin within 48 hours unless notified by the dev team.

Regular Group - Chain, exchange or block explorer problems

All coins require a working block explorer

  • Coins with no block explorer are notified and given 2 weeks to rectify
  • Coins with no block explorer who are also missing their website are given 1 week to rectify

All coins require a listing on an approved exchange

  • Coins with no exchange listing are given 1 week to rectify

All coins require a working blockchain

  • Coin with chain issues (fork, chain stuck, no peers) are given 2 weeks to rectify

Extended group - swaps, collateral change and rebrands

Collateral changes, chainswaps & rebrands require an additional fee to be paid for by the dev team to complete. The fee is $750 and can be purchased as maintenance product in our shop.

Coin teams are given 45 days to purchase the required product before being removed.


MNO does grant extensions to all delistings if we get a resolution plan by the dev team. We will keep the coin on maintenance and will follow up with the dev team to ensure measures are in place to resolve the issues asap.