Coin Maintenance Policy

Effective date: February 27th, 2024


If a coin is on maintenance on MNO, it for one of the reasons listed below. Unless we are facing a hardware issue with our coin servers and are fixing the issue ourselves, we will be in touch with the coin's dev team to resolve any pending issue as soon as possible.

Maintenance has its own tab on the MNO frontpage and coins in maintenance do not appear when they are searched on the main page.

If a coin is on maintenance for too long it will be scheduled for delisting - all details about our delisting process can be found here.

Reasons for maintenance

Block Explorer stuck or removed

All coins require a working Block Explorer. This ensures that users are able to get a quick overview of the blockchain without having to install the wallet. It shows a basic level of transparency and accountability from the coin team for interested investors. In addition MNO utilizes the block explorer to monitor for chain forks.

Blockchain Issues

Sometimes we experience issues with a particular blockchain. Our wallet gets stuck, runs on a different fork/chain or is unable to connect to the network. We run each wallet on redundant servers and are able to switch in case there is a temporary issue with one of the daemons. That way we can be sure that any issue we are facing is not a problem with a specific environment.

When we get in touch with the dev team we will usually be asking for help with one of the following:

  • Official peers to sync to the correct chain
  • Chain parameter verification
  • Protocol enforcement details
  • Block reward confirmation

No active exchange

Without an exchange coin can not trade and therefore does not have a price. This is important as our stats for daily/weekly/monthly earnings are based on the coin to BTC trading pair. Exceptions to this rule are ICOs as they set the price without an active exchange. Once the ICO is over however we need an active exchange to keep the coin active on MNO.

Mandatory wallet updates

MNO charges a $150 fee for mandatory wallet updates.

Collateral increases, chainswaps & rebrands

MNO charges a $750 fee for any of these.

Chainswaps and rebrands require significant time and are effectively new coins for our dev team.

Collateral Increases change the contract between a coin and their community. It also changes our contract with our coin clients. Collateral changes require less time than swaps and rebrands but at MNO we believe that this small fee may be a deterrent to collateral increases.

What is the impact of a collateral change to the investor?

  • It forces every existing masternode investor to tear down every masternode and set it back up again.
  • Many investors will need to purchase more coins to maintain a masternode following the increase.

Additional Considerations

  1. Masternodes are supposed to be relatively passive investments. Where you can set it up and just let it earn.
  2. Collateral increases require significant work from the investor.
  3. Collateral increases are often done quietly - posted only in Discord or on Telegram and are not well-publicized. Investors are forced to actively follow the coin through various channels or risk the loss of their investment.

Github or website removed

When a coin deletes their website or source repository like github it is usually a sign that the coin is dead. Sometimes source repositories are deleted by mistake or the website hosting expired accidentally. While github and website removal usually trigger an express delisting we do put coins on maintenance where we have prior notification by the dev team.