Coin Update Policy

Effective date: April 12th, 2019


All coins listed on MNO will receive all updates for free in a timely manner. The exception are collateral changes, reward system changes, chainswaps & rebrands which require a $750 fee to be paid for by the dev team in our shop .

Any regular updates will be released once a week on Tuesdays.

If a coin requires an emergency update or requires a mandatory update outside of our release window we will accommodate and release within 24 hours.

MNO does not use pre-compiled binaries and instead follows the source repository of every coin and builds every new commit. After reviewing all changes and ensuring that the changes are suitable for release a coin update will be scheduled for our weekly release.

While we do encourage a standard development workflow based on Dash' development and branching model we do not enforce it at this point.

Release schedule

Weekly releases

MNO reviews every commit to the source code repository of the coin. After review it is decided whether the update is necessary to be deployed. That includes:

  • Mandatory updates
  • Optional updates that enhance functionality or stability

We will not deploy updates that cause disruption, forks or breaking protocol changes.

Emergency releases

Emergency releases will be deployed within 24 hours of notification by the dev team. An emergency release includes features like:

  • Mandatory update to fix chain forks
  • 51% attack fixes
  • Fake stake fixes
  • Any other fix that will immediately improve the stability or functionality of the coin's network