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- Listing bounty based on ~.125 BTC
- Accurate stats and comparison tool for investors
- Daily of exposure to 1000s of visitors on fastest growing site in segment
- Page dedicated to your coin's detailed stats
- Masternode monitoring
- Daily Twitter broadcasts of top % gainers
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Phore – Proof of Stake Crypto Digital Currency

  Coin Required Balance Funded Donation address Donation progress
    ALQO (ALQO) 17500 ALQO 9304.35225396 ALQO 53.17% AWnSPAqs1TUY1TkX3fZ1NEnUpARXnrPYin
    FORCE (FOR) 210000 FOR 17038.875 FOR 8.11% FDCJ3zbNngN5AwKJUUSivkTLHpWkPX1pkG
    Crypto Bullion (CBX) 560 CBX 6.50998 CBX 1.16% 5hi2eCDUZRCrcKRJMQm2iJeAzjk5EENdir
    Giro Coin (GIRO) 33245 GIRO 51.6828526 GIRO 0.16% bTK9HGDK87a9zfSscm6864KtsXMQNhoNiC
    VivoInnovaOnexGobyte (VIOG) 30000 VIOG 27.8999616 VIOG 0.09% XooVpwdk1aBxkxmHsT8gbW2xnG6eAMNXtJ
    YupCoin (YUP) 240384 YUP 10.38725 YUP 0.00% 74BksgGTRJyLVLxZJNqkfc9H9VTRKBw3b6
    Accolade Coin (ACCO) 90000 ACCO 0 ACCO 0.00% AMULkDu1VGa7eDfCP8G5Uvvf8jiN9JGorN

Coins that reach threshold will be added AND have accurate stats within 12 hours and coin's entire row will be in bold font on main page.
Our listing Fee is ~.125 BTC worth of considered coin